Kurt Olson and Peter Malaguti took the time to interview me, carefully discuss my case and perform case law research to determine the strength and validity of my case. They stepped me through what I might be able to expect from the overall process and carefully authored my complaint for the courts. I truly believe that Attorneys Olson and Malaguti are doing all they can to ensure that my case will have a positive and just outcome.

Matthew Zinicola

In 2012 life as I knew it, began to crumble around me. I was referred to Olson and Olson through a long time family friend. It was the best referral I could have ever imagined. My marriage of 8 years was falling apart and I needed to protect myself and my 3 young boys. The team at Olson and Olson did that and more. Monique Olson's hard work and dedication to serve her clients was truly amazing. She was there for me from beginning until the end. In and out of court time and time again. She stuck by my side and was not only my attorney but a shoulder to lean on, a friend to talk to and a warrior in the court room. I am forever grateful for all she and the entire team at Olson and Olson did for me. Any time I hear a friend or family in need of an attorney, I don't hesitate to refer them to Olson and Olson as well as share my story and what they did for me. Simply the best in the business. Thank you Monique Olson. You are amazing.


What happens if mediation is not scheduled ahead of time? If it is determined after your meeting that mediation is not appropriate in your case, the mediator will provide you with a form. This form, signed by a certified mediator, confirms that you took part in an MIAM. Following that, a court will grant you permission to proceed with the release process. Family Mediators in Oldham