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Attorneys Olson, Olson, and Malaguti bring a wealth of experience to the areas of personal injury and product liability litigation. This translates into effective and creative representation for clients facing a variety of such issues. Though our lawyers have regularly represented clients seeking relief from defendants who have caused them harm, our experience, research skills, and litigation strategies uniquely qualify us to represent defendants in such claims as well. Our clients have included those with claims involving negligence, premises liability, malpractice claims against doctors, dentists, and hospitals, and other types of personal injury and product liability actions.

Because our lawyers strive to maintain close personal relationships with all our clients, we work to achieve client-centered goals rather than pursuing litigation driven by firm-oriented objectives. Recognizing that clients have lives outside of the litigation context drives us to structure representation in a way that serves clients’ need in addition to achieving fair results in their cases. In addition, because of our lengthy experience in the classroom, we have developed streamlined methods of both producing and responding to discovery, so we can keep the costs associated with litigation within manageable limits.

Olson & Olson’s pretrial litigation and trial experience includes claims involving breach of warranty based on defects in products, negligent design and manufacture, negligence, breach of contract, breach of the covenant of good faith and fair dealing, and violation of both state and federal consumer protection laws. These cases include plaintiff-side work involving a wide range of products, such as: all types of household appliances, pharmaceutical products and drugs, industrial equipment, automobiles and other vehicles, and food industry products.

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