Business Formation Attorney in Cambridge and Andover MA

The page of our web site devoted to business and commercial covers the essential elements that inform forming and maintaining business entities. However, a brief recap here will help to communicate the scope and breadth of the services we offer. Forming a business to limit liability and reduce possible tax consequences is of paramount importance for any new venture. Based on our experience, strategic planning, and research capabilities, our business formation lawyers provide full information about all the best business entity options. After a full and comprehensive consultation, clients will be able to choose the one that fits for them.

While incorporating a business might make sense for some business clients, the benefits and disadvantages could depend on a number of different factors. Thus, we will discuss other possible alternatives to incorporation, including limited liability companies, limited liability partnerships, professional associations, limited partnerships, general partnerships, and sole proprietorships.

We offer a full range of services to business entities from formation, to compliance with filing and state and federal regulatory requirements, to yearly or quarterly advice on appropriate steps, to dissolution of entities. Throughout the relationship with our business clients, we strive to provide the highest quality service at the lowest possible price.

Formation & Maintenance of Non-Profit Entities

Forming and maintaining non-profit entities have a lot in common with forming profit-based entities; however, significant differences exist. Probably the most important are the tax implications, but we can only competently advise clients on what’s right for them after extensive consultations, review of business plans and other documents, and painstaking research. While non-profit status might be a preferred option for some organizations, state or federal rules might prohibit this status for some. Olson & Olson will advise clients on both the desirability of choosing this option, but we will also inform clients on the availability for certain types of businesses and the possible negative implications of choosing this form.

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