Wills and Living Wills in Boston and Andover

The death of a loved one is never an easy issue, or a simple one. Legal matters clutter and pile up only to cause further issues down the line. But why let them when simpler solutions exist? At Olson and Olson Law we provide the Boston and Andover, Massachusetts area with quick, efficient solutions to your will and living will issues.

Last Will and Testament

When an individual passes away there are two possibilities that occur, they either have a Last Will and Testament or they do not. In the case that they do not the state of Massachusetts will take responsibility and have state laws, or laws of intestacy,  dictate the division of the deceased’s assets. The deceased’s wishes for their property is no longer taken into account and the laws are followed through regardless of any outside factors. The assets affected by these laws include:

  • Living Trust Property
  • Life insurance
  • IRA, 401K, and retirement accounts in general.
  • Transfer-on-death account securities
  • Payable-on-death bank accounts
  • Joint tenancy property
  • Sole Tenancy property

Without a living will all of these assets could be distributed in ways the deceased may not find satisfactory. Don’t let this happen to you. Here at Olson and Olson we make sure that your will is ready and obliging to your wishes. Letting you distribute your assets the way you want to do it.

Living Will

As we approach the end of our lives it grows more and more important to have our opinions and wishes heard. However in some cases this grows more difficult or even impossible as time passes by. Which is where living wills come in, a direct solution to the problem. With living wills anyone can make a legally binding document while healthy to articulate their feelings and actions when infirm.

Unlike health proxies,  living wills act as direct instructions for the otherwise incapacitated to have their wishes heard. Through a living will Olson and Olson Law can help you best express your wishes if you are unable to otherwise. Further issues are also dealt with such as:

  • Consent to autopsy
  • Organ donation
  • Instructions on what to do with the deceased’s body

The Lawyers at Olson and Olson Law Serve Clients in Andover, Boston and Other Surrounding Massachusetts Areas.

Olson and Olson Law has the experience and the ability to help you with your will and living will needs. Wills and Living Wills have plenty of requirements and the process of creating them can be long and arduous. The issues that result could leave you and your family with more problems than you should be. Don’t deal with the issue alone, you’ll need the experienced attorneys at Olson and Olson to help you every step of the way.

What happens if mediation is not scheduled ahead of time? If it is determined after your meeting that mediation is not appropriate in your case, the mediator will provide you with a form. This form, signed by a certified mediator, confirms that you took part in an MIAM. Following that, a court will grant you permission to proceed with the release process. AM Mediators in Portsmouth

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