Durable Powers of Attorney in Boston and Andover

Power of Attorney is the process of having an agent, whether they they be an individual or organization, of your choosing to act on your behalf. This creates a safeguard for you, your family and any heirs. This kind of security is important important in regards to the possibility of your incapacitation. Without a durable power of attorney in place, the Massachusetts Probate Court will take authority over your affairs. The decisions that follow will be limited and out of the control of you and your loved ones.

Powers of Attorney in Boston and Andover Massachusetts

Without the a durable power of attorney in place the Probate Court will need to appoint a guardian to handle your affairs. A guardian will be appointed, with no regards to you or your family’s wishes, to handle handle multiple aspects concerning you and your assets. Decisions regarding documents, health, business, family, property and assets falls to them. The usage of such a guardian is followed by additional expenses, as well as further legal complications. Not to mention the inherent uncertainty over any outcome concerning the Probate Court.

With a durable power of attorney, you can have control over the events surrounding you. Your personally chosen agent will be able to handle your affairs according to your wishes. The agent in question can only act with certain capacity, and will have as much or as little power as you specify. Which allows them to act in a wide variety of affairs such as in affairs dealing with health care, financial decisions and matters of an individual’s will. All according to your exact specifications.

The Lawyers at Olson and Olson Serve Clients in the Cambridge and Andover, Massachusetts Areas.

Don’t wait and let others make decisions for you and your family without your input. Olson and Olson Law have the experienced professionals to help you find the best agent to act in your interests. A durable power of attorney can help you avoid difficult legal problems you could otherwise easily avoid. If you’re dealing with the search for a reliable agent to act in your interests, don’t hesitate to call Olson and Olson Law.

What happens if mediation is not scheduled ahead of time? If it is determined after your meeting that mediation is not appropriate in your case, the mediator will provide you with a form. This form, signed by a certified mediator, confirms that you took part in an MIAM. Following that, a court will grant you permission to proceed with the release process. Family Mediators in Windsor

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