Business Acquisition and Joint Ventures in the Boston and Andover, MA areas

Starting your own business is not the only way to own a company in Massachusetts. You can also acquire a business or develop a joint venture with someone else. Most commonly two companies merge to work together, or one buys out the other. However, this is not strictly limited to companies and individuals can do this, as well. If they have the capital and the knowledge, and if the company they are targeting is willing to sell or partner, there is no reason why they could not acquire the company or develop a joint venture. If you are looking into doing this, whether you already have an operating business or not, working with an attorney can help you move through the acquisition or joint venture process much more easily.

Acquiring an Existing Business

There are rules and regulations to acquiring a business in the Boston and Andover, MA areas. These all have to followed, in order to ensure that everything is done legally. Businesses acquire one another or merge with one another all the time, but some companies may not be allowed to do this. At Olson & Olson, our law firm is well-versed in Massachusetts business law, and we can help you with your business acquisition. In some cases, acquiring a particular business may not be possible. This generally occurs in the case of very large companies that provide goods or services to a significant segment of the population. If one acquires the other it may form a monopoly, and the government will generally not allow that to take place.

For smaller companies, however, business acquisition is something that a business lawyer can help them with. These companies will usually be allowed to merge without interference from the government, because their merger does not create and kind of monopoly that could be a problem for the citizens of Massachusetts. As long as the acquisition is done legally and it is not harming the people of the state, it is usually not going to be blocked by governmental entities. Regardless of that, however, having an attorney handle the acquisition ensures that both parties are protected and all rules, laws, and regulations are followed.

Developing a Joint Venture

A joint venture is different from an acquisition. This type of venture generally allows companies to work together on a particular goal or project. It is more like a partnership, but one company does not own, acquire, or buy out the other one. The companies stay separate entities, and when the particular project is over they go their separate ways. They may also work together in a joint venture only on that one project or area, which could last for some time, and be completely separate in other aspects of their businesses. Developing a joint venture with a company is more than just agreeing to work together, however. This is a legal status that has to be properly addressed in order to ensure that everyone understands their rights and responsibilities. If you want to create a joint venture in the Boston and Andover, MA areas, we can help.

What happens if mediation is not scheduled ahead of time? If it is determined after your meeting that mediation is not appropriate in your case, the mediator will provide you with a form. This form, signed by a certified mediator, confirms that you took part in an MIAM. Following that, a court will grant you permission to proceed with the release process.

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