Business Transaction Lawyer in Cambridge and Andover MA

Lawyers at Olson & Olson are well-equipped to offer innovative solutions for businesses needing help with business or entity formation, corporate filings, drafting contracts, or merging with or acquiring other companies. As with all other areas of our practice, our business and commercial transactions lawyers strive to provide these solutions at the lowest cost and with the least intrusion upon a business client’s operations. In this way, we can boost bottom lines for businesses and minimize tax burdens.

When assisting a start-up venture, we recognize that the individuals involved may need assistance in determining which entity best suits their objectives, limits their liability, and minimizes their tax burdens. We help clients understand the differences between sole proprietorships, corporations, professional associations, limited liability partnerships, and other business entities, and how the choice of entity can help achieve business objectives while minimizing regulatory and statutory compliance hurdles.

Because of the innovative research and strategic planning we implement for every business client, we can provide clients with a variety of services in both a cost-effective and efficient manner. These services include drafting and executing partnership and other entity agreements to comply with state and federal requirements, drafting and registering trade- and service-marks, drafting and certifying shareholder agreements, drafting and negotiating lease and franchise agreements, negotiating the sale and lease of goods, and drafting a variety of other client-specific documents and agreements.

We advise clients in sound business practices to help them avoid time-consuming and costly litigation. Because of our attorneys’ long and dedicated experience in both the litigation and teaching fields, we have developed strategic methods to draft agreements and contractual arrangements to avoid disputes over the wording or meaning of documents. Taking proactive steps to avoid litigation is always the best avenue; however, when disputes arise, our litigation team is well-versed in all aspects of business litigation and prepared to take all necessary steps in our clients’ best interests.

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