Monique Olson

Navigating through the legal process can be extremely intimidating, and even more daunting when that journey involves loved ones. My two greatest passions as a lawyer are to make that process as painless as possible and provide comforting, personalized attention to everyone I represent.

My educational background includes a B.A. in Paralegal Studies from Rivier College, Nashua, N.H. and a J.D. from the Massachusetts School of Law. My combined 27 years working as a legal secretary, paralegal and lawyer in Boston have provided me with vast experience including contracts, wrongful termination, personal liability, probate practice and real estate law. However, I credit my roles as staff attorney and general counsel to two prominent domestic violence organizations, which included litigating over two hundred serious and potentially life-threatening family law cases, custody, divorce, guardianship and restraining order cases, as the means to which I derive my passion for helping clients today.

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