Kurt S. Olson – Attorney at Law

Kurt Olson grew up in Marblehead, Massachusetts and he’s lived on either the North Shore or in New Hampshire his entire life. After attending public schools in Marblehead, he enrolled at Kimball Union Academy in Meriden, New Hampshire for his junior and senior years in high school. After graduating from Kimball Union, Olson enrolled in Colby College in Waterville, Maine. After spending his junior year abroad in Athens, Greece, Olson graduated cum laude with a degree in Classics in 1978.

After graduation, Olson returned to help run his family’s business in Marblehead. Because he’d always wanted to attend law school, Olson applied to the Massachusetts School of Law in 1991 after selling the family business. Olson wore several hats at MSL while attending school, including bookstore manager, library desk employee, and public relations director. He also assisted the school’s dean, performing various research and writing, discovery-related, and litigation support tasks in the school’s antitrust lawsuit against the American Bar Association. The work Olson did in connection with this lawsuit eventually led to interaction with all branches of government from litigating in courts in Philadelphia, Boston, and Washington, D.C., to testifying in front of a committee of the Department of Education in Washington, to lobbying members and committees of Congress. Olson eventually was named the litigation coordinator for these efforts.

Despite these significant responsibilities for the school, Olson clerked for two Superior Court judges and did clinical work for a practicing attorney while attending law school. Olson graduated magna cum laude from MSL in 1996; after graduation, he continued working as the school’s public relations director and started his own small practice. Since graduation, Olson has handled a variety of both transactional and litigation work. He has honed his legal research and writing skills by handling cases in all Massachusetts trial courts, the Massachusetts Appeals Court, all New Hampshire trial courts, and the New Hampshire Supreme Court. Olson has also represented clients in front of a variety of administrative agencies.

Olson has now formed this new law firm with his wife, Monique, and a colleague of over twenty years, Peter Malaguti. The firm offers competent, comprehensive, and cost-effective legal services to a broader range of clients.

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